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A teenager with a tumblr, how original.

Am also a sexist-feminist.

what do normal people do when they are drowning in emotions?

well I got my feelings played with… cool

Life is too long to be sad

I don’t who what you do:(

26. June 2012

Half of me Just wants her back with me and want to try real hard to get her back, but on the other hand she did leave me and wants me out of her life for good and that makes me want to tell her to go f*ck herself and die in a ditch:/ i really don’t know what to do. I year and a half i spent with her and even tho our relationship wasn’t perfect i still loved her and still do:l i cant sleep cause i think too much.. i need someone’s opinion…

I wish my hair stayed like this at school:c


20. March 2012

All this week ive been having nights like these, I feel so lonely in this nocturnal life. With all my “friends” sleeping, i don’t have anyone to talk to. Only my self. Yea i can go online and talk to random people about how i wish i had someone with me, but That’s weird. I just sit here and wonder off deep into my thoughts just wishing for the one person to live this life with me..

I wonder about this everyday..
I hate how this is true