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A teenager with a tumblr, how original.

Am also a sexist-feminist.

Cause hes black?

The new app for tumblr sucks T-T


20. March 2012

All this week ive been having nights like these, I feel so lonely in this nocturnal life. With all my “friends” sleeping, i don’t have anyone to talk to. Only my self. Yea i can go online and talk to random people about how i wish i had someone with me, but That’s weird. I just sit here and wonder off deep into my thoughts just wishing for the one person to live this life with me..


24. February 2012

To think i believe you meant you Where gonna change. Putting me on the spot even tho it was 100% your fault. You Where the one Who wanted to leave my house in the first place. Even from the moment i opened my door you had an attitude for now reason. You sat on the sofa mad far from me in the beginning, called me anoying for hugging and touching you, cursed at me for no reason, yelled at me for messaging your best friend without even knowing Why i did it, and just were, well. A bitch. I got tired so i just told you to go home cause i wasn’t gonna just sit there like a dumbass and have you curse me out just cause i missed you. I was looking forward to seeing you all day and That’s what i get? Fuck that. And about the car things. There is a chair in front of my house you could have sat and you chose not to so that was your problem. You just came to complain. Hmm. You can tell me to fuck myself all you want, yea that hurts alot coming from someone i gave my life to but you don’t care till your mood changes again. But ill remember this don’t worry. Your sorrys wont mean nothing no more. I cried enough last weekend. It wont happen no more~